I wanna be teacher’s pet.

So many students for Sara to teach. I’m feeling so selfish. I want her by my side explaining every icon and do-dads on the screen. My patience is being tested today. I must be patient. She will get to me eventually.

Wonder how much will be taught in the four, one day classes? I will definitely take another class if I don’t feel I know enough.


3 thoughts on “I wanna be teacher’s pet.

  1. Hi Ronnie, who is Sara and does she teach about blogs online? I need to do more with my blog and don’t have a bunch of money to hire a pro.

    • Hi Linda Marie, I’m taking a Blog class locally (San Diego) at Oasis. Oasis is an organization that offers various activities, including computer classes, to over 55 adults. The class cost is very reasonable. It’s only two classes and I’m sure that won’t be enough for me, but I thought I’d try to learn more about blogging.

      Tell me, how did you find my blog? I have only made a couple of entries – in class at the bequest of the teacher. I am shocked that someone has actually seen them and responded. By the way, I checked out your Blog, and your cards are beautiful.

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