Back at it.

Managed to complete another Zentangle Inspired Art piece.  I started early this morning and it is now 9:00 pm.  Of course, I accomplished a few other things today.  I didn’t spend every minute drawing, although I wanted to.  I took my usual walk in the park with my little dog, Prissy.  I pick up my friend, Hester, and her dog, Buster,  and we head for Grape Street Park.  It’s a great place to let the dogs off the leash.  My little girl loves to bark at the big dogs.  I’m fearful that one of these days, a big dog will chomp down on her.  But, so far, this hasn’t happened.  I feel guilty when I don’t take her to the park.  She loves running around the park, sniffing other dogs and searching out moles.  She will stand over a mole hole for hours, if I let her, waiting for a mole to appear.  Her concentration is amazing. She also loves running to anyone who is sitting on the grass.  She snuggles up to them waiting to be petted.  One would think she’s starved for affection.  It seems there is nothing she likes more than going to the park.

Zentangle 264-String 56This Zentangle Inspired Art was drawn on white card stock using String 56 from, with Micron .005 pen; it is colored with fine line pens, and Prismacolor pencils.  Most of the tangles were taken from Sandy Bartholomew’s Totally Tangled Book and include:  Bannah, Ripple, Nebel (var.), Unagi, Whiska, Flora (var.), Flutter, and Flutter Tile.

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