What a difference a shade makes.

I wanted to post this Zentangle Inspired Art prior to coloring and shading so that you can see how the piece seems to come alive when colored and shaded.  I started drawing on this 8.5″ x 8.5″ off-white card stock yesterday, late in the afternoon.  I felt a bit stymied because I was bored with the tangles I’ve been using.  So, I decided to hunt down some new (to me) tangle patterns.  Of course, this took me longer because I searched out the patterns by checking various blogs and Flicker pages I follow.  I think searching out tangles is part of the challenge and fun of Zentangling.  Image

The tangles I used are Mozza & Charris (var.) originally drawn by Poppie_60; Loop N’ Leaves and Clydescope (var.) by texasdoxiemama;  Strimonds and Prop-Whirly by Emily Perkins; Eez by Judy Burkett; and Zuan Shi by JJ La Barbera.  I also used a few old stand-bys, GOLVEN by Mariët Lustenhouwer; Knightsbridge, and Cadent, both official Zentangle pattern.

Zentangle 265-String 55-coloredI decided to use only two colors on this piece – blue and torquoise – and not to color the entire piece.

Zentangle 265-String 55-colored & shaded

The thing that makes the biggest difference, in my opinion, is shading.  So here’s my ZIA with the shading added.  What do you think?  Does it improve with the color and shading?  Or, do you like it just black and white with no shading?

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I always look forward to receiving comments.