To Think In Ink

From time to time

I make it rhyme

But don’t hold that kind of thing against me.

Oh well, what the hell,

So it won’t sell.

What I want to tell

Is what’s on my mind.

‘Taint dishes, ‘taint wishes, it’s thoughts

Flinging by before I die

And to think in ink.

— Marilyn Monroe


Just watched a Documentary on HBO about Marilyn Monroe.  If you have HBO, I highly recommend you watch it.  It shows a side of Marilyn many of us were not privy to when she was alive.  I found the story of her life sad and emotionally moving.  She dabbled in poetry, loved to read and kept journals which were discovered in someone’s attic.  I wrote down one of her poems, verbatim, from the show.  I thought it personified why I blog.


3 thoughts on “To Think In Ink

  1. Same here! I loved this poem so much…I always had a high admiration for her seeing through all of how she was personified. It’s a shame she was caught being a sex symbol versus the tormented young girl who just wanted to express herself.

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