I Did It My Way

Every Saturday morning I look forward to seeing what form the Zendala Dare will take.  This week’s Dare is very appealing to me.  Let me show it to you in its original form.

Zendala Dare #62 1

There are always so many decisions to make.  Do I leave it just as it is?  Do I change the form.  Do I use tiny tangles, grid tangles, or flower tangles?  Do I leave white space?  Any of these choices are fine, but one has to pick a direction and take the first steps.  This is  what I came up with for the Dare.

Zendala Dare #62This shows the Micron .01 pen I first added.  The rest of it is drawn with pencil to be later covered by Micron ink.  I realize in the true “Zentangle®” tradition, things are drawn in ink only, an eraser is not used and rulers should be avoided.  I must admit, I don’t always follow those rules.  After all, it’s my art.  Accomplishing the end result is my choice.  I can achieve it any way I choose.  Aren’t we all doing this for fun?  You all might think I’m very uppity.  Believe me, I was never this way when I was younger. I followed all the rules!  But now that I’ve reached my “golden” years, I feel it’s time to start enjoying myself and do things my own way.

Here’s Frank Sinatra singing “I Did It My Way.”  I think this tune is perfect for this blog post.  If you have five extra minutes, check it out.



He was a bit before my time, but, I think, he recorded some awesome songs.

Here’s the completed Zendala Dare drawn with Micron .01 pen and all the pencil lines erased.

Zendala Dare #62 2To my eye, this Dare is a bit plain.  It lacks color and shading.  My next decision was how to add color.  Do I use colored pens or pencils?  Do I get out my watercolors? Do I just shade it and add no color?  Decisions, decisions!

I have not used my watercolors in quite a while.  An idea sprung into my mind as I prepared myself some lunch.  I spied my container of plastic grocery bag.  The million, kazillion bags that are so overused in our society today.  I never throw them them away.  I stuff them into larger garbage bags and then take them back to the store.  So, I always have those pesky bags on hand.  I grabbed a bag and cut it into two one inch strips.  I then added water to dilute the watercolors and stirred till the color was pleasing.   I crunched up the plastic into a small balls and carefully and delicately dipped it into the liquified watercolor.  I touched the plastic lightly to my picture, dabbing it around the page.  I did this with two colors, teal and blue.  After it dried, I opened up my tin of Prismacolor pencils and added a bit of color in similar shades. I used a Derwent Blender Pencil on the Prismacolors.  The final step was to shade with a graphite pencil.  Here’s the finished piece.  By the way, it’s drawn on 8.5″ x 8.5″ white card stock.

Zendala Dare #62-colored &  shaded

I’m hoping you like it and have not been bored by my description.  Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a peek.  Any comment you’d care to make would be greatly appreciated.


16 thoughts on “I Did It My Way

  1. It’s super duper, love the blue and agree – it’s your art, do it your way – only you know you! and YOU do it very well 🙂

      • Thanks for your comment on my blog Ronnie. You wrote that you thought that I did the black tile with chalk. Well I drew the tangles with Metallic gel pens and later put some shade in it with chalk pencils.

  2. I liked the storey, it was fine to see how zendala was born. First I think thas less is more, but finely the ready zendala got my heart. It is creative and beautiful!

    • Thanks so much, Meenart, for your generous comment. So glad you liked the finished Zendala. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Ronnie, I got a big kick out out of your take on “I did it my way”. I, too, am in my Golden Years, and I couldn’t agree more. I do usually try to use the Zentangle method (i.e., follow the rules) when I do a 3.5″ tile. But when I do a zendala or a Zentangle Inspired Art piece, anything goes! Color, sketching sometimes, erasing, whatever! On this one, I agree that the color makes this Zendala, it’s nice without, but sort of plain. You could add shading, but the color really makes it pop!

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