The Heat Is On

I think it’s really great when you stand up for something

that you really believe, even if you get heat for it.
—Christina Aguilera

Erin, from the Bright Owl has come up with an extra challenge.  The instructions are “to create a Zendala using tangles that start with letters in either the word “HOT” or “HEAT”.  For example, if you choose the word “HEAT” you will use at least 4 tangles starting with the letters H, E, A, and T.  You must use each letter once.  If you do need to use more tangles go ahead, but they must begin with one of the letters in your chosen word.”

First, here is the original Zendala: 

Here is what I came up with using the word “HEAT.”
Zendala Dare #64 -  Heat
The tangles are:  Hibred (square boxes),Eddy (swirls between boxes), Agua (border), and Trimonds (center).  I used fine-line pens and Prismacolor pencils to color.
Thanks so much for stopping by to view my work.  Your comments are welcome and appreciated.

23 thoughts on “The Heat Is On

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  2. Very pretty color choices, and I also like your choice of tangles. Very watery, wavy, beachy feel.

  3. Oh WOW! This is stunning! I love all of the tangles you chose and the color is delicious!

  4. Amazing to look at. I love your color choices also. I have the prismacolor pencils and love how they lay down the color.

  5. It must be really hot in California, this is really terrific and your colors are always great!!

    • Thanks Rae! We have had some high temperatures as well as some humidity which is very unusual for Southern California. Considering I’m from back East originally, this heat is really quite mild compared to Delaware which can be in the 90’s with very high humidity. : )

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