A Kink in the Works


Haven’t posted for ten days!  I’ve had a kink in the works and have been feeling very frustrated.  I cannot get my printer to work.  I’ve tried every which way to get it to print or scan with no positive result.  Thus, I haven’t been doing the Diva Dares or Zendala Challenges because I’m unable to print them out.  I have finished my large project and will soon post the process from start to finish, as soon as I get the picture into the frame I purchased.  The picture project has taken a lot of time, but I’ve enjoyed it and it will be a beautiful addition to my home when it’s complete.

My solution to posting my Zentangle artwork is to use my Iphone to take the pictures.  I much prefer the scanner, but in this instance the Iphone will have to do.  I finished several smaller pieces approximately 4″ x 4″ and have used my new set of Derwent watercolor pencils to color them.  Using the watercolor pencils has been challenging.  I’ve also spent a great deal of time on line looking at videos about using watercolor pencils showing the various techniques for blending the colors.  I hope you like my most recent creations.

IMG_0687 IMG_0690 IMG_0691I also used glitter pens on the above picture.




Like It Or Not

I’ve missed a couple of the Diva’s Challenges.  Just seems I’ve been busy lately and didn’t have time to get them done.  I did, however, find time to do this week’s Challenge, a monotangle of Dex, a tangle created by Maria Roberts.

I found this tangle a bit daunting. I had a hard time coming up with enough variations to fill the entire page.  I found myself peeking at the other drawings posted on the Diva’s blog (Iamthediva).  I don’t usually do that.  I try to come up with my own interpretation, but this one just threw me and I had to seek inspiration from the already posted drawings.

I drew this monotangle on a 7″ x 7″ beige card stock using Micron .01 and .005 pens.  It is shaded with graphite pencil.

Diva Challenge #131-Monotangle Dex"Overall, I’m okay with how this one turned out.  Don’t think I’ll be doing any other monotangles of this tangle.  I wouldn’t mind using it in a drawing, but trying to come up with lots of variations was not particularly fun for me.

Hoping the rest of your week goes well.  Thanks for your visit.  I always appreciate when you leave a comment.

The Weekly Dare


The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude. – Friedrich Nietzsche

It was a welcome break from my special project to do the weekly Zendala Dare #69.  Here is the template before any changes have been made.

Zendala Darea #69 template Looking at the rough draft, I had my doubts about how this Zendala would turn out.

Zendala Dare #69

To my surprise, I am quite pleased with the final image.

Zendala Dare #69 1

This Zendala is drawn on white card stock with Micron .01 and .005 pens; it’s shaded with graphite pencil.

Thanks so much for viewing.  I appreciate your comments.  Have a great week.

A Project


“Every time you do a project, you learn something new”. – Justin Timberlake

It’s been a week since I posted anything.  It’s not that I haven’t been busy tangling, it’s just that I started a large project which is taking me quite a bit of time to finish. Here are some pictures to show the progress.

The rough sketch and first tangle on this 29″h x 23″w Bristol Board paper.

IMG_0624 IMG_0628

Another day’s work.


The spaces are getting filled.

IMG_0641All the tangles have been drawn.

IMG_0643The tangles are getting some color.

I still have more color to add, plus I want to add some shading.  I already have a frame and the perfect spot to hang this when I’m done.

Thanks for stopping by.  Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Half and Half


Half and half, to me, is a mixture of cream and milk, slightly less fattening than pure cream, but rich and creamy enough to turn your coffee a wonderful shade of brown.  My mother-in-law, may she rest in peace, introduced me to this pleasure many years ago.  To this day, I don’t enjoy my coffee unless I have that velvety , luxurious, nectar to pour into my coffee.

Today, however, Erin has suggested a “Half and Half” Zendala.  She drew a number of these Zendalas and posted them on her blog, The Bright Owl.  Stop by and see her beautiful work as well as the entries of the other tanglers who submitted Zentangle Inspired Art to her blog.

Here is my entry into this week’s Zendala Dare:


Zendala Dare #67I used two contrasting colors to split this Zendala in half, as well as, a division of the tangles. Purk and a variation, also Verve are the two tangles that make up most of this Zendala.  It is drawn with Micron .01 and .005 pens; colored with fine-line pens and Prismacolor pencils. I do hope you like it and will leave me a comment to that effect.  I hope your weekend is enjoyable.  Thanks for stopping by.