The Weekly Dare

The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude. – Friedrich Nietzsche

It was a welcome break from my special project to do the weekly Zendala Dare #69.  Here is the template before any changes have been made.

Zendala Darea #69 template Looking at the rough draft, I had my doubts about how this Zendala would turn out.

Zendala Dare #69

To my surprise, I am quite pleased with the final image.

Zendala Dare #69 1

This Zendala is drawn on white card stock with Micron .01 and .005 pens; it’s shaded with graphite pencil.

Thanks so much for viewing.  I appreciate your comments.  Have a great week.


9 thoughts on “The Weekly Dare

  1. Nicely done! I also thought about phicops, but couldn’t figure out how to incorporate it – you did so very nicely.

  2. Like how you developed mirrored Phicops sections. I enjoy seeing what others see when they look at a template. I think I could have looked at this template for weeks and never seen this. glad that you did because it looks great.

    • Thanks Donald. I know what you mean. Did you check out ledenzer’s Zendala. She saw angles!! Amazing what each artist finds hidden in these Zendalas. Thanks for your comment.

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