A Kink in the Works

Haven’t posted for ten days!  I’ve had a kink in the works and have been feeling very frustrated.  I cannot get my printer to work.  I’ve tried every which way to get it to print or scan with no positive result.  Thus, I haven’t been doing the Diva Dares or Zendala Challenges because I’m unable to print them out.  I have finished my large project and will soon post the process from start to finish, as soon as I get the picture into the frame I purchased.  The picture project has taken a lot of time, but I’ve enjoyed it and it will be a beautiful addition to my home when it’s complete.

My solution to posting my Zentangle artwork is to use my Iphone to take the pictures.  I much prefer the scanner, but in this instance the Iphone will have to do.  I finished several smaller pieces approximately 4″ x 4″ and have used my new set of Derwent watercolor pencils to color them.  Using the watercolor pencils has been challenging.  I’ve also spent a great deal of time on line looking at videos about using watercolor pencils showing the various techniques for blending the colors.  I hope you like my most recent creations.

IMG_0687 IMG_0690 IMG_0691I also used glitter pens on the above picture.




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