Catching Up.

I am way behind on doing the templates from The Bright Owl.  Last week I had a great deal of trouble downloading the templates.  This week, thankfully, I managed to download the three templates I missed.  I’m posting the most recent template and hopefully will catch up and draw the templates I missed.

Here’s this week’s Zendala Dare template:

Zendala Dare #89 THere is my rendition of this Dare:

Zendala Dare #89I left a lot of open space in this Dare.  I thought about filling every space, but as I worked on this one, the open space just seem to be the right thing.  I hope you agree.

I look forward to reading your comments.  Please feel free to leave one.  Thanks for stopping by.


9 thoughts on “Catching Up.

  1. Think did a nice job of balancing the line work with the negative space. Like the simple color scheme. Looks almost like it could be a wire-work trivet.

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