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Starting out with an Inspirational Quote.  I hope it inspires you.

This Zentangle Swap called for tangles drawn on tiles  (3.5″ x 3.5″) using only black Micron pens.  It has filled my evenings and some days with a relaxed engrossing project.  My group consists of fifteen people across the United States and overseas (United Kingdom, Australia and Canada)    What I love about Zentangle is that it requires total concentration and lots of creativity.

Most of the tangles just popped into my mind, but towards the end, I used the Random Tangle Selector offered on TanglePatterns.com in conjunction with the list of Tangles Patterns 2014 Guide.  (See TanglePatterns.com for the download.)  What made using the random selector fun was how to creatively arrange the random tangles that appeared.

I have all my tiles in stamped envelopes ready to go.  I hope the recipients like what I’ve created.

Zentangle Swap - #1 of 14Zentangle Swap - #2 of 14

Zentangle Swap - #3 of 14Zentangle Swap - #4 of 14Zentangle Swap - #5 of 14Zentangle Swap - #6 of 14Zentangle Swap - #7 of 14Zentangle Swap - #8 of 14Zentangle Swap - #9 of 14Zentangle Swap - #10 of 14Zentangle Swap - #11 of 14Zentangle Swap - #12 of 14Zentangle Swap - #13 of 14Zentangle Swap - #14 of 14Zentangle Swap - #15Thanks so much for stopping by.  Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Below are the completed tiles:


4 thoughts on “Zentangle Swap

  1. These are truly beautiful. I have just begun doing Zentangle & ZIA art & I LOVE THIS artwork. I have finally found something I am good at. Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to get involved with a swap myself! I am adding Reiki energy to my work as well.
    Light & Love
    Ruthie Marsh

    • Thank you Ruth. I appreciate your comment. There are a few places on the internet where you can participate in Swaps. At Yahoo, join https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Zentangle_Inspired_Art/info – (Zentangle Inspired Art); if you use Facebook, go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/123904037786011/ – (Zentangle Artist Trading Cards; If you are interested in places you can post your finished pieces or just look at other artists’ art, go to Facebook and check out: – Zentanglers Mutual Inspiration Society, Friends of Zentangle, and Doodle Art. One more place, but by no means limited to these listed places, is Flickr. Just type Zentangle into the search field and lots of examples will show up. Good luck on your journey discovering Zentangle and all the ways it’s expressed.

  2. Wow! They are all so beautiful. I can’t remember, but I hope I am in your group!

    • Thanks, Cathy. As a matter of fact, you are in my group. Putting them in the mail tomorrow, so you should be getting yours very soon. 🙂

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