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Inspirational Quote

Starting out with an Inspirational Quote.  I hope it inspires you.

This Zentangle Swap called for tangles drawn on tiles  (3.5″ x 3.5″) using only black Micron pens.  It has filled my evenings and some days with a relaxed engrossing project.  My group consists of fifteen people across the United States and overseas (United Kingdom, Australia and Canada)    What I love about Zentangle is that it requires total concentration and lots of creativity.

Most of the tangles just popped into my mind, but towards the end, I used the Random Tangle Selector offered on TanglePatterns.com in conjunction with the list of Tangles Patterns 2014 Guide.  (See TanglePatterns.com for the download.)  What made using the random selector fun was how to creatively arrange the random tangles that appeared.

I have all my tiles in stamped envelopes ready to go.  I hope the recipients like what I’ve created.

Zentangle Swap - #1 of 14Zentangle Swap - #2 of 14

Zentangle Swap - #3 of 14Zentangle Swap - #4 of 14Zentangle Swap - #5 of 14Zentangle Swap - #6 of 14Zentangle Swap - #7 of 14Zentangle Swap - #8 of 14Zentangle Swap - #9 of 14Zentangle Swap - #10 of 14Zentangle Swap - #11 of 14Zentangle Swap - #12 of 14Zentangle Swap - #13 of 14Zentangle Swap - #14 of 14Zentangle Swap - #15Thanks so much for stopping by.  Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Below are the completed tiles:


Keeping Busy


I found a packet of store bought blank cards, so I’ve been working on making Zentangles to put on the front of the cards.  I think they will come in handy for birthdays, and other celebrations, as well as Thank You notes, when needed.

Zentangle 297-cardDrawn on pink card stock using a Micron .005 pen.  The tangle is called Bales.

Zentangle 296-card

Pale blue card stock; Micron .01 and .005 pens.  Tangles:   Jax (variation), Aqua, Waves, Vigne (on right),

Zentangle 295-cardAgain, drawn on pale blue card stock using Micron .01 & .005 pens.  The flower is based on a picture I saw in my seed catalogue; variation of Meer; and then filled in with curvy lines. Zentangle 294-card White card stock mounted on red card stock.  Drawn with Micron .01, 005 and filled with .05 black pen.  Tangles:  Flutter Tile (background); Hybrid (variation); Flowervine; Eddy (border.)

Zentangle 293-card I tried something a little different on this card.  On blue card stock, I mounted a white paper doily , added three other layers — another shade of blue card stock; I cut out butterflies and a flower from an old card.  The tangles are drwan on beige card stock with Micron .01 and .005 pens.  Tangles:  Purk (egg shaped tangle); Facets (on left); Fiore (background); Blink (chain-like tangle); as well as a few swirly and curvy lines which have no tangle names.Zendala Dare #91 - greenA Zendala Dare #91 the 4″ size.  I mounted on card stock cut to fit to make a card. Zendala Dare #91 - blueAnother rendition of Zendala Dare #91.

Zentangle 306 - cardI mounted this photocopy of a Zentangle I found in my card box onto a dark blue card stock.  I glued sprinkled glitter all over the yellow photocopy.  The glitter doesn’t show up on the scan.  It’s an iridescent  clear glitter.  Zentangle 298-card This and the following cards are still part of the ready made embossed cards that I purchased long ago.  I’ve decided not to list the names of all the tangles used. I just hope you enjoy viewing them.Zentangle 299-card Zentangle 305 - card Zentangle 300-card Zentangle 301-card Zentangle 302-card Zentangle 303-card Zentangle 304-card Zentangle 304 - cardI will mention that this one has been sprinkled with the iridescent glitter.  It’s quite pretty.  Unfortunately the glitter doesn’t show up on the scan.

Thanks so much for taking time to view my art.  I always appreciate a comment.


Zendala Dare #90

The weeks whiz by so quickly.  Here’s the new Zendala Dare from Erin at The Bright Owl.  It’s her birthday and she’s requested that we tell her our favorite tangle and then use it in the template.  It’s a hard choice.  There are so many tangles and most all of them are so much fun and sometimes a challenge to draw.  I finally chose Paradox, an official Zentangle pattern.  Whenever I see a triangle shape, this tangle immediately springs to mind.  I like to draw it using a .005 pen to achieve the fine lines that make the pattern so interesting. 



In fact, this entire Zendala was drawn with Prismacolor .005 fine line colored pens.  (I got them for Christmas).  The other tangles used are Sand Swirl, Merryweather (on outer rim) and N’Zeppel (in the middle).  The shading was done with a #2 pencil.  I hope you enjoy viewing this Zendala.  Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.

More Twinchies


Finished more Twinchies.  This Swap will have 50 participants so I have a long way to go to complete enough 2″x2″ Twinchies to send to everyone.

Twinchie Swap - Apr. 2014 2(Left to right) – “Oof” and “Quib,” official Zentangle patterns; “4 Corners” by Barbara Finwell; “Bask-It” by Anna Houston,CZT; “Poser” by Beth Snoderly; “Dex” official Zentangle pattern; “Cruze” by Caren Mlot; and “Mr. E” by Shawn Hayden, CZT.

Twinchie Swap - Apr. 2014 3(Left to right, top row) – “Fassett” by Lynn Mead; “Eke” official Zentangle pattern with step outs by Sandi Bartholemew; “Drip-Drop” by Debbie Perdue, CZT; “N’Zeppel” and “Cadent” official Zentangle patterns; “AA’s” by Judy Murphy; “Cayke” by Rose Brown; and “Linked” by Bicki Murray, CZT.

Twinchie Swap - Apr. 2014 1(Left to Right) – “Cyra” by Beth Snorderly; “Archer” by Chris Gerstner; “Kuke“, by Katy Abbott, CZT8; “Fiore” by Jane Rodgers; “Betweed” official Zentangle pattern; and “Navaho” by Caren Mlot.

And here is the last group of the Twinchies.  Hurray!!  I finished them all!

Twinchie Swap - Apr. 2014 4(Left to Right) “Pina” by Carol Ohl, CZT; “Efilys” by Sandra Strait; “Bumpkene” by Beth Snordly; “Sindoo” by Sahron Robinson; “Japan Diamond” by Laura Linlet; and last but not least, “Ixorus” an official Zentangle pattern.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed looking at these Twinchies as much I enjoyed making them.  Would love it if you left a comment.

Just take a look…


The best part of participating in the Zendala Dare is to look at the entries from the other artists.  Each person comes up with a unique design using the same template.  It’s amazing!  You if haven’t already, take time to check out Erin’s blog, The Bright Owl, the see what the other artists have submitted.
Here is the Zendala Dare #87:
Zendala Dare 87(1)tempHere is what I created from the original template:
Zendala Dare #87 1After tracing the original template onto white card stock, I used a Micron .01 pen to tangle the design, making some alterations to the original template.  I colored it with Rose Art colored pencils and fine-line Sharpie pens with graphite pencil shading.  Really looks quite different than the original template.  Don’t you agree?
Here is the next template I completed (Zendala Dare #88):
Zendala Dare #88(4)tempAnd now, the finished template with changes:
Zendala Dare #88I made quite a few changes to the original template.  The first thing that caught my eye were the triangle shapes which lead me to using “Paradox” and it grew from there.  I have not used any other tangles so this might be considered a monotangle, except for some lines that fill in some spaces.  I used a Prismacolor brown .005 pen (which look red on the scan), and shaded with graphite pencil.  It’s drawn on beige card stock.  Hoping you like this rendition of the dare and will take time to leave a comment on my recent works.
Thanks for stopping by.  Your comments are really appreciated.  It’s nice to know someone is looking at my blog.

Catching Up.


I am way behind on doing the templates from The Bright Owl.  Last week I had a great deal of trouble downloading the templates.  This week, thankfully, I managed to download the three templates I missed.  I’m posting the most recent template and hopefully will catch up and draw the templates I missed.

Here’s this week’s Zendala Dare template:

Zendala Dare #89 THere is my rendition of this Dare:

Zendala Dare #89I left a lot of open space in this Dare.  I thought about filling every space, but as I worked on this one, the open space just seem to be the right thing.  I hope you agree.

I look forward to reading your comments.  Please feel free to leave one.  Thanks for stopping by.



The newest Swap due to be completed in April is called “Twinchies,” which are 2″x2″ card stock framed with a black border using only one tangle.  Here is my first batch of completed Twinchies. Twinchie Swap - Apr. 2014I used TanglePatterns.com as a resource for each of the tangles I drew.  I’d like to give credit to the creators of these tangles, so here goes the list of tangle names and the artist who submitted the pattern to the site:

(From Left to Right – Top Row)  “Paradox“, original Zentangle® pattern designed by Maria Thomas; “Palrevo“, by Karry Heun; “eez” by Judy Burkett, CZT; “Echoism, by Sue Jacobs, CZT.

(Second Row) “Geos” by Ronnie Szczerba (that’s me); “Celtic” by Deanne Stewart-Mills; “Centerfuge” by Sandra Strait; “Loopy” by Ronnie Szczerba;

(Third Row) “Bokbz” by Rita Nikolajeva, CZT; “Drack” by Helen Williams; “Ojo” by Laura Williams, CZT; “Makrahmee” by Michele Beauchamp, CZT.

(Fourth Row)  “Facets” by Nancy Pinke, CZT; “Maelstrom” by Linda Dawson; “Bwiya” by Suzane McNeill; “Loveline” Judy Murphy;

(Fifth Row)  “Quiltz” by Kim Barlow; “Sand Swirl” Karry Heun; “Sanibelle” Tricia Faraone, CZT; “Aqua” Christina Vandervlist, CZT.

The list of participants is yet to be released, so I’m not sure how many of these little beauties I have to make.  I plan to send one to each participant.  So, I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of the little cuties.

Thanks for stopping by.  I look forward to your comments.