Just take a look…


The best part of participating in the Zendala Dare is to look at the entries from the other artists.  Each person comes up with a unique design using the same template.  It’s amazing!  You if haven’t already, take time to check out Erin’s blog, The Bright Owl, the see what the other artists have submitted.
Here is the Zendala Dare #87:
Zendala Dare 87(1)tempHere is what I created from the original template:
Zendala Dare #87 1After tracing the original template onto white card stock, I used a Micron .01 pen to tangle the design, making some alterations to the original template.  I colored it with Rose Art colored pencils and fine-line Sharpie pens with graphite pencil shading.  Really looks quite different than the original template.  Don’t you agree?
Here is the next template I completed (Zendala Dare #88):
Zendala Dare #88(4)tempAnd now, the finished template with changes:
Zendala Dare #88I made quite a few changes to the original template.  The first thing that caught my eye were the triangle shapes which lead me to using “Paradox” and it grew from there.  I have not used any other tangles so this might be considered a monotangle, except for some lines that fill in some spaces.  I used a Prismacolor brown .005 pen (which look red on the scan), and shaded with graphite pencil.  It’s drawn on beige card stock.  Hoping you like this rendition of the dare and will take time to leave a comment on my recent works.
Thanks for stopping by.  Your comments are really appreciated.  It’s nice to know someone is looking at my blog.

The First Day of Hope


Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering ‘it will be happier’…”

T. S. Eliot

Wow!  The first day of 2014.  I’m looking forward to the new year and hoping it holds good things for me.  I guess everyone feels that way.  One never knows what the future holds but it’s always good to be optimistic and hope for the best.

I’ve been working on lots and lots of bookmarks for an upcoming Swap with the Yahoo group “Zentangle Artist Trading Card Swap.”  They are posted on my Flicker page (http://www.flickr.com/photos/80288200@N03/ ) and also on the group page.  I would like to add them to my blog but I just seem to run out of time.  So, stop by and check them out and leave a comment.

I started this Zendala Dare last night and worked on it most of today.  It’s drawn on 8.5 x 8.5 beige card stock with Micron .01 and .005 pens.  I used metallic gel pens and Prismacolor pencils to color it.

Zendala Dare #85Do hope you like my efforts and will take a moment to leave a comment.


Challenges Can be Fun


I like the challenge of trying different things

and wondering whether it’s going to work

or whether I’m going to fall flat on my face.

Johnny Depp


This week’s Diva Challenge was to put two pencils together with a rubber band and draw a string for the ZIA or Zentangle.  This was “trying something different” for me.  Not so very difficult and fun to do.  Here is my Zentangle Inspired Art entry.



I drew this on 8.5″ x 11″ white card stock with Micron .01 and .005 pens.  It is colored with fine-line pens and Prismacolor Pencils.

The “Two-Pencil Strings” are filled with these tangles:  Coaster, by Carole Ohl (top left- next to the circles); Arckles, by Suzanna Wilka (right side strip); Chard, by Linda Farmer (middle strip); Gloven, by Mariët Lustenhouwer’s (bottom center loop); and the circle shaped string is filled with and un-named tangle.

The tangles in the spaces are:  Loopy, my tangle (top left); Paushalov, by Amy Broady (next to Loopy); PANE (var.), by Sandy Bartholomew, CZT (top center); Echoism* (top next to Pane); ‘NZeppel*, (right center); Paradox*, (below ‘NZeppel); Printemps*, (top right); ); Hako, by Lara Williams, CZT (bottom left); Zenella, by Molossus (bottom center); and Hepmee, by Carole Ohl (bottom right).  There may be a few tangles that are un-named.

Thank you so much for stopping by and viewing my work.  I really appreciate it.  Leaving a comment will be greatly appreciated.  Enjoy the rest of your week.

*original Zentangles by Maria Thomas

Use My Tangle


Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent

if no birds sang there except those that sang best.

Henry Van Dyke, An American author, educator, and clergyman (1852-1933)

Diva Weekly Challenge #125: Use My Tangle Birdie Feet

The first Monday of the month, the Diva chooses a tangle and challenges everyone to use it in a Zentangle or ZIA.  This month it’s Birdie Feet, created by Owl Loving April.   The step-outs can be found on Flickr. ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/owllovingapril/6380350569/in/photostream/)

I used String 59 as a base for this week’s Challenge.  The chosen pattern ended up not being the most prominent focus of my ZIA, but I’m pleased with the overall results.  Here it is before color and shading.

Diva Challenge #125-Birdie Feet -String 59

I drew this ZIA on off-white card stock, with a Micron .01 pen.

Diva Challenge #125-Birdie Feet-coloredThis ZIA is colored with fine-line pens, Primacolor pencils, gel pens and a white pen for high lights.  The tangles chosen are: Birdie Feet (criss-crossing the center of the page), by Owl Loving April; Tortuca (top left), an official Zentangle® by Maria Thomas; Retro (top right), by Elena Hadzijaneva; Zedbra (center), by Margaret Bremner, CZT; Sand Swirl (bottom left); Trimonds (center bottom) by Jane Monk, CZT; Sundo (bottom right) by Jane MacKugler, CZT; Rouche (var.) (middle right) by Rose Brown; and XYZ (var.) (across lower part of the page), an official Zentangle by Maria Thomas.

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I Did It My Way


Every Saturday morning I look forward to seeing what form the Zendala Dare will take.  This week’s Dare is very appealing to me.  Let me show it to you in its original form.

Zendala Dare #62 1

There are always so many decisions to make.  Do I leave it just as it is?  Do I change the form.  Do I use tiny tangles, grid tangles, or flower tangles?  Do I leave white space?  Any of these choices are fine, but one has to pick a direction and take the first steps.  This is  what I came up with for the Dare.

Zendala Dare #62This shows the Micron .01 pen I first added.  The rest of it is drawn with pencil to be later covered by Micron ink.  I realize in the true “Zentangle®” tradition, things are drawn in ink only, an eraser is not used and rulers should be avoided.  I must admit, I don’t always follow those rules.  After all, it’s my art.  Accomplishing the end result is my choice.  I can achieve it any way I choose.  Aren’t we all doing this for fun?  You all might think I’m very uppity.  Believe me, I was never this way when I was younger. I followed all the rules!  But now that I’ve reached my “golden” years, I feel it’s time to start enjoying myself and do things my own way.

Here’s Frank Sinatra singing “I Did It My Way.”  I think this tune is perfect for this blog post.  If you have five extra minutes, check it out.



He was a bit before my time, but, I think, he recorded some awesome songs.

Here’s the completed Zendala Dare drawn with Micron .01 pen and all the pencil lines erased.

Zendala Dare #62 2To my eye, this Dare is a bit plain.  It lacks color and shading.  My next decision was how to add color.  Do I use colored pens or pencils?  Do I get out my watercolors? Do I just shade it and add no color?  Decisions, decisions!

I have not used my watercolors in quite a while.  An idea sprung into my mind as I prepared myself some lunch.  I spied my container of plastic grocery bag.  The million, kazillion bags that are so overused in our society today.  I never throw them them away.  I stuff them into larger garbage bags and then take them back to the store.  So, I always have those pesky bags on hand.  I grabbed a bag and cut it into two one inch strips.  I then added water to dilute the watercolors and stirred till the color was pleasing.   I crunched up the plastic into a small balls and carefully and delicately dipped it into the liquified watercolor.  I touched the plastic lightly to my picture, dabbing it around the page.  I did this with two colors, teal and blue.  After it dried, I opened up my tin of Prismacolor pencils and added a bit of color in similar shades. I used a Derwent Blender Pencil on the Prismacolors.  The final step was to shade with a graphite pencil.  Here’s the finished piece.  By the way, it’s drawn on 8.5″ x 8.5″ white card stock.

Zendala Dare #62-colored &  shaded

I’m hoping you like it and have not been bored by my description.  Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a peek.  Any comment you’d care to make would be greatly appreciated.

Dare I Say


Dare I say when I first saw this week’s Zendala Dare, I thought I’d have a hard time finding tangles to fit the spaces.  I really didn’t care for this Zendala.  Let me first show you the blank Dare.


To me, the spaces seemed too close together and I just didn’t think it was condusive to tangles.  I was quite glad that I had no other commitments for today.  I was able to spend time trying various tangles to see what pleased me.  Here is what I came up with.


I traced the Zendala onto white card stock with pencil and then used a Micron .01 pen to make the design permanent.  It is colored with Prismacolor pencils, fine line pens, glitter pens and shaded with Prismacolor pencil.  The tangles are: Flora (along the edge) by Sandy Bartholomew from her book Totally Tangled; and Echoism (var.) (below Flora), an official Zentangle® by Rick and Maria at Zentangle.com. The rest of the tangles are just line drawings and doodles that seemed to work.

If you would like to see how others have completed this Zendala Dare, head over to http://thebrightowl.blogspot.com/ and check out what others have posted.

I felt quite please with the end result.  I hope you too like this Zendala.  Please let me know what you think of my efforts. Thanks for stopping by.

What a difference a shade makes.


I wanted to post this Zentangle Inspired Art prior to coloring and shading so that you can see how the piece seems to come alive when colored and shaded.  I started drawing on this 8.5″ x 8.5″ off-white card stock yesterday, late in the afternoon.  I felt a bit stymied because I was bored with the tangles I’ve been using.  So, I decided to hunt down some new (to me) tangle patterns.  Of course, this took me longer because I searched out the patterns by checking various blogs and Flicker pages I follow.  I think searching out tangles is part of the challenge and fun of Zentangling.  Image

The tangles I used are Mozza & Charris (var.) originally drawn by Poppie_60; Loop N’ Leaves and Clydescope (var.) by texasdoxiemama;  Strimonds and Prop-Whirly by Emily Perkins; Eez by Judy Burkett; and Zuan Shi by JJ La Barbera.  I also used a few old stand-bys, GOLVEN by Mariët Lustenhouwer; Knightsbridge, and Cadent, both official Zentangle pattern.

Zentangle 265-String 55-coloredI decided to use only two colors on this piece – blue and torquoise – and not to color the entire piece.

Zentangle 265-String 55-colored & shaded

The thing that makes the biggest difference, in my opinion, is shading.  So here’s my ZIA with the shading added.  What do you think?  Does it improve with the color and shading?  Or, do you like it just black and white with no shading?

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I always look forward to receiving comments.